MACN: Collective action to increase integrity in Argentine ports

The Maritime Anticorruption Network (MACN) is an alliance of more than 70 companies in the maritime industry created to work collectively, through projects of different methodologies, in the elimination of all forms of corruption in the industry.
Governance Latam is a local partner of MACN in Argentina since 2014, and has led a collective action together with the Ministry of Agriculture and SENASA and other actors of the local industry (the Chamber of Control Companies of the Argentine Republic -CADECRA-, the Chamber of the Oil Industry and the Cereal Exporters Center -CIARA-CEC-, and the Navigation Center, among others) to modernize and increase the integrity of the process of inspection of dry cargo of grain exporting vessels.
As a result of this collective action, the regulatory framework has been reformed in order to guarantee the efficiency, transparency and integrity of the inspection system and the technological capabilities of SENASA have been strengthened for the process and computerized registration of the inspection of vessels.